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my hamster, Wafer, passed away suddenly last night and it was very sad. i think he may have accidentally swallowed his tooth, which then added to further complications. when i found him he was unable to move but i wrapped him in a blanket and held him, pet his head and talked to him during his last hour. usually he dislikes behind handled for long periods of time but i really felt he was at peace with me last night.

today i buried Wafer with his favorite pillow that i made him, in a quiet garden next to a beautiful mansion/art gallery that belongs to my school, underneath an old ivy-covered tree. i thought he’d like it there because he was a very solitary little guy, more interested in spectating than interacting with anyone. he had such a big personality for a hamster. everyone who met Wafer absolutely fell in love with him and his funny neurotic little face. his general grumpiness was very entertaining, but when he gradually showed his sweet side, you would really feel as though you earned his trust.

goodnight little Wafer, your life was unfairly short but thank you for bringing joy to me and so many others during your time here. take care of Bento and O.P. in that big wheel in the sky.

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